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Article: How to Install NAM Profiles (Tonocracy)

How to Install NAM Profiles (Tonocracy)

How to Install NAM Profiles (Tonocracy)

  1. Download Tonocracy: Visit Tonocracy store and download the software.

  2. Install Tonocracy: Follow the installation instructions to install Tonocracy on your computer.

  3. Download & Locate Loudstakk NAM Files: Download the Loudstakk NAM files, and make sure you know where the zip file is saved on your computer.

  4. Extract Loudstakk NAM Files: Extract the contents of the Loudstakk NAM files from the zip archive to a location on your hard drive, for example, "C:/Loudstakk NAM Profiles."

  5. Open Your DAW and Tonocracy: Launch your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and add the Tonocracy plugin to your guitar track.

  6. Navigate to Your Loudstakk NAM File Folder:
    Simply drag and drop your favorite NAM files from your desktop folder into the Tonocracy library. Once added, incorporate them into your signal chain just like any other Tonocracy asset.

  7. Load the Loudstakk NAM Instance and IR File: Load the Loudstakk NAM instance within the Tonocracy plugin and select the Impulse Response (IR) file of your choice from the same folder.

  8. Rock Hard!!: Get ready to rock with your newly configured amp model!

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How to Install NAM Profiles (Genome)

How to Install NAM Profiles (Genome)

Download Genome: Visit Two Notes Store and download the software. Install Genome: Follow the installation instructions to install Genome on your computer. Download & Locate Loudstakk NAM ...

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