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Trusted by Seasoned Metalheads:

“I love Loudstakk MIDI. Ron D has a way of capturing the essence of Metal grooves -  that elusive Metal feel and groove that just cant be replicated by hand programming MIDI.

Loudstakk helps keep me inspired and creative and focused on the song itself.”

Karl Sanders (Nile)

"Loudstakk MIDI Grooves are great for inspiration and for jump starting ideas. The thing I find them most useful for though, is breaking out of old patterns by testing all kinds of different beats and rhythms against the same idea to find near infinite potential in every riff"

Picture credit by: Maurice Nunez @devilman183

Ghul (Mayhem)

"Loudstakk MIDI Grooves provide the right amount of dynamics to make them sound more natural. Most other packs I've tried leave very small amount of dynamics.
While on the road - I like to load these MIDI Grooves into my session knowing they will satisfy my taste when composing"

Vanik (Midnight)

What is Loudstakk?

During the scorching Summer of 2023, a passionate Metal aficionado named Ron D. Rock conceived the idea of launching an Audio Software company dedicated to the underground realms of Metal and Hardcore.

Thus, Loudstakk was born, merging cutting-edge technology with a nostalgic soundscape to deliver raw, authentic tones without sacrificing quality or workflow.

Ron's meticulously crafted MIDI Grooves have already garnered the trust of tens of thousands worldwide, streamlining the songwriting process for Metal enthusiasts everywhere.

With a mission to become the ultimate destination for all things Metal audio, Loudstakk invites you to join the cause!